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Eternal: The Best of Libera - A Review of the Angelic Voices

Eternal: The Best of Libera - A Review of the Angelic Voices

If you are looking for a musical experience that will lift your spirits and soothe your soul, you might want to check out Eternal: The Best of Libera, a 2-CD compilation of the most popular songs by the British boys choir Libera.

Libera - Eternal (the Best Of Libera), Cd.rar

Libera is a group of young singers who perform a unique blend of classical, pop, and sacred music, with influences ranging from Gregorian chant to Enya. Their angelic voices, accompanied by ethereal keyboards and strings, create a sound that is both heavenly and haunting.

Eternal: The Best of Libera features 32 tracks that span their career from 1999 to 2009, including some of their most beloved songs such as Sanctus, Ave Maria, Orinoco Flow, and Going Home. The album also includes some rare and previously unreleased tracks, such as Sempiterna - the remix, a techno version of their signature song.

The album showcases Libera's versatility and talent, as they sing in various languages (Latin, English, French, Gaelic) and styles (hymns, chants, lullabies, folk songs). Their harmonies are flawless and their solos are expressive and emotive. They convey a sense of innocence and wonder that touches the listener's heart.

Eternal: The Best of Libera is a perfect introduction to Libera's music for new fans, as well as a must-have for loyal followers. It is a musical journey that will transport you to a realm of beauty and peace. You can buy the album from[^2^] or from Libera's official website[^1^].

One of the most remarkable aspects of Libera's music is their ability to reinterpret and reinvent classical and sacred music for a modern audience. They infuse their songs with freshness and originality, while still respecting the tradition and spirit of the original compositions. For example, their version of Ave Maria (in the style of Giulio Caccini) is a stunning rendition that combines the ancient melody with contemporary harmonies and instrumentation. Their version of Sanctus is a powerful and majestic piece that blends Latin lyrics with African rhythms and chants.

Another aspect that makes Libera's music appealing is their use of natural and ambient sounds to create a rich and immersive atmosphere. They often record their songs in churches, cathedrals, and other historic locations, capturing the acoustics and echoes of the spaces. They also incorporate sounds of nature, such as birds, water, wind, and bells, to enhance the mood and theme of their songs. For example, their song Far Away features the sound of waves crashing on the shore, creating a sense of longing and nostalgia. Their song Secret features the sound of raindrops falling on a windowpane, creating a sense of mystery and intimacy.

Libera's music is not only beautiful to listen to, but also inspiring and uplifting. Their songs convey messages of hope, faith, love, and peace, that resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds. Their music has been used in various occasions and events, such as weddings, funerals, memorials, documentaries, movies, and TV shows. Their music has also touched the lives of many people around the world, who have found comfort and joy in their songs. Libera has performed in many countries and continents, such as the UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa. e0e6b7cb5c


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