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Pokemon Tower Defence Games

If you know the level of immense personal sacrifice involved in capturing, training and battling Pokemon, then you can consider yourself a true Pokemon fan. Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is a game which takes the battling concept of Pokemon, heats it up and hammers its malleable form into a truly amazing tower defence title. Name the main character, embark upon your adventure and watch the worlds of tower defence and Pokemon collide as you battle and defend your way through story mode or climb to the top of the roster in 1vs1 mode. Discover new Pokemon and push your battling skills to the limit in what must be the most addictive tower defence game in existence.

pokemon tower defence games

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The original game - a flash-based tower defense title based on the extremely famous and popular Japanese anime series Pokemon. The game was released in March 2011 by Sam & Dan Games and successfully incorporates the best parts of the original console-based Pokemon games from Nintendo into a tower defense format to create one of the most addictive games in the history of all mankind (yes, that far back). This game only has the original 151 Pokemon though, which may prove slightly disappointing to the more recent Pokemon fans but will suit the purists (in the context of the Pokemon world) perfectly fine. Here are some of the key features of the game:

The attacks, the upgrades, the Pokemon evolutions, they all work the same way as they did in the original games. Even the storyline followed by both the games is the same in terms of locations visited and challenges to be overcome. Having passed the initial challenge in the lab, you set out to find the actual offenders, accompanied by a very annoying boy called Joey who you rescued from the clutches of Team Rocket. Even the process of catching and collecting Pokemon is mostly the same. Instead of trawling through bushes in the hope of (and eventually in dread of) finding wild Pokemon, battling them, weakening them and then using a Pokeball to catch them, here you will be placed in routes with oncoming wild Pokemon that you must defend against in the old tower defense style; by placing your current Pokemon in the aforementioned provided squares and telling them to attack. The more your Pokemon attack, the more EXP they gain, and the more EXP they gain, the more their levels rise and they become stronger. After a certain amount of levels, depending on your Pokemon, they will evolve into a completely new Pokemon creature with new, stronger powers.

Pokemon Tower Defense is a great strategy game with amazing retro-pixel art graphics and far more than one hundred unique Pokemon characters. Select and coach your pokemon, put your tower on the greatest places and prevent all waves of enemies. You can level up your Pokemon through the fight. Click to play the game free online now! Have a good time!

"Revenge of the Titans is a clever, huge and charming strategy game... While mainstream strategy largely continues to gnaw upon the desiccated husk of Command & Conquer, and so much indie strategy simply slaps new graphics on tower defence mechanics, Revenge of the Titans is, apparently quite effortlessly, doing its own thing."

But what's also exciting about this game is to see a sudden flowering of innovation and ambition in tower defence. The genre has been so popular in the accelerated world of download and mobile gaming that it has hurtled toward over-saturation and cloned irrelevance in just a few short years. But in Revenge of the Titans, we see a glimmer of how it can save not just itself, but mainstream strategy too.

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