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Where To Buy Woodway Treadmill

The WOODWAY manufacturing facility maintains the highest standards in quality and comfort. Due to the unique slat-belt design, WOODWAY treadmills require specific service procedures and custom components that only WOODWAY can produce.

where to buy woodway treadmill

Our CPO and Renewal program is designed to provide you with an alternative option to new treadmills via a rigorous and quality-assurance inspection, allowing you to maintain your high standards and great expectations in WOODWAY treadmills.

The heavy duty frame of WOODWAY treadmills, allows us to recycle, renew, and rebuild our products from the ground up through a combination of new and refurbished components. Certified Renewal treadmills will look and feel like new. Sometimes these units are discontinued styles and options. Only WOODWAY Certified Renewal Treadmills come with an authentic 2 year parts and 1 year labor WOODWAY Manufacturer Warranty.

Woodway caters to its high-end clients with many custom options. Most Woodway treadmills have 15% inclines as a standard spec but are also available with 25% inclines. Different monitors are available, some providing access to digital entertainment and wireless data tracking. Reverse track motion and extra-high speed capacity are also available.

Woodway is a top brand for shoppers with higher budgets. Brilliant engineering results in treadmills that feel luxurious to use and are easily maintained. With options ranging from hospital-grade circuitry to on-demand music videos, the Woodway treadmill line has something for every shopper in its price class.

Unlike conventional treadmills with a conveyor belt style running surface made from standard thin PVC, nylon, and cotton, WOODWAY treadmills feature a patented running surface made up of vulcanized rubber. This allows our running surface to last for more than 150,000 miles, roughly ten times longer than the belt of an average treadmill.

Each treadmill is designed to create significantly less friction and wear, resulting in a belt that will never need tracking adjustments, that will never need to be waxed, and that will never flip a deck since there isn't one. In addition to less wear and tear on its components, WOODWAY's unique design is also more efficient, requiring about 50% less electricity to operate compared to a normal treadmill.

You have spoken and we have listened. The 4Front treadmill is the culmination of 40 years of WOODWAY design and innovation. From the frame to the innovative ProSmart touchscreen display, the 4Front treadmill leads the industry in cardio equipment.

We have taken time to test and improve upon our unique Slat Belt design to create an all new treadmill from the ground up that takes into account all factors of the Commercial Fitness Industry. From comfort to durability, the 4Front sets the bar for all treadmills out there.

The 4Front is not just a treadmill; it is our commitment to providing the most innovative, longest lasting, and most comfortable treadmill solution to all of your fitness needs. The 4Front represents everything we have learned so far and everything we aspire to be as a company.

Unlike conventional treadmills with a conveyor belt style running surface, WOODWAY treadmills feature a patented running surface made up of vulcanized rubber. This allows our running surface to last for more than 150,000 miles, roughly ten times longer than the belt of an average treadmill.

Backend website for club management and end user. Clubs can assess need for service, do preemptive maintenance, and monitor treadmill usage over time. End user can collect workout information, analyze in visual formats and export to 3rd party fitness apps.

There are conventional treadmills and then there are Slat Belt Treadmills by WOODWAY USA. This next generation equipment features exceptional comfort and versatility courtesy of the patented Slat Belt running surface, unique to this brand.

I have been lusting for a Woodway treadmill ever since I experienced one of them at the NY Giants training center when I was there in 2011 to cover a Timex Triathlon Team camp, but the $12,000 price tag was a massive hurdle to me. A hurdle though that many others had apparently overcome by either buying it new anyway or hunting down a used version of this high-end and beastly Wisconsin made treadmill. Back then there was also not the right space in our home for any treadmill, but when we built our new home in 2015/2016 we had more space and also a room that was going to be a dedicated pain cave. I thus started to look more seriously at getting my hands on one, but also researched other more affordable treadmills. I knew that having a treadmill at home would be a game changer for me as I at times can't leave the house because I am the only parent at home. My wife's work schedule is very demanding and with a treadmill I could run when the boys are tucked in for the night, or even during the day while they play nearby. Plus of course with a treadmill you can really control your pace and a treadmill is weather independent. Theoretically any treadmill would serve those purposes, but for some reason I kept coming back to the Woodway and my awesome wife swiftly gave me the green light to go ahead. The folks who had bought new Woodway units all seemed completely happy with that investment and spoke very highly of their experience. But those people who bought them used also seemed quite content and good ambassadors for this Waukesha, Wisconsin brand. In September of 2017 I finally made the decision to purchase a used remanufactured Woodway Desmo Evo from Fitness Superstore in Benicia, CA and was really sold by the very attentive owner of the store and the great communication by the employees. Plus I liked the video that showed their remanufacturing process. This Desmo Evo set me back $4,999, plus I bought the 3 year parts and labor warranty for $499. Add on the $649 shipping cost to the room of choice and I was totally out $6,147. I could have added a new belt (something that is actually included by them for all other treadmills) for another $1,500, but I wanted the money bleeding to stop and thus did not add the new belt.

The unit shipped on October 6th and arrived at my house on October 25th. The delivery company that delivered the unit had never before delivered a treadmill and two guys seemed a bit unprepared for the job. They were perfectly friendly and working hard, but struggled to put the unit together. At one point I considered asking them to leave and finish the job myself, but I had wanted that type of delivery to avoid any problems in case the unit did not work properly, and thus the finger could not be pointed at me. I let them finish the job but could not test it at that moment as I had to run to pick up my kids. When I returned home and turned on the unit the display stayed blank, but the treadmill was surely on. I was frazzled and called the Fitness Superstore and one of their tech guys walked me through the setup and it turned out that the delivery guys never connected the display to the treadmill itself, and with that handled all systems were good to go. I enjoyed running on the treadmill but a few weeks later I got another surprise when the arms that hold the display moved a few inches when I held on to it. Surely my 185 pounds could not have overwhelmed this beast of treadmill, plus I had seen 300 pound football players on Woodways in the Meadowlands. I again called the company and they were horrified. It clearly was a mistake made by that local delivery company, and the Fitness Superstore sent out some replacement brackets overnight and contacted a local technician to handle this properly. When the crew from Advantage Fitness Products showed up they quickly replaced the brackets and set it up properly and since then it has been smooth sailing and lots of running on this Woodway Desmo Evo. In mid December I signed up for the Slowtwitch 100 runs in 100 days challenge and on day 60 I am currently at 61 runs. The majority of these runs have been on the treadmill and connected to Zwift. But that is via my Stryd foot pod, the treadmill is not Bluetooth or Ant+ connected.

The treadmill however feels awesome and responds very fast to speed input and elevation adjustments. Many friends have come over to check out the Woodway and I think I actually could rent it out. I don't mind having a friend come over to run on it, but I will surely not make this a business. I am very pleased that I made this purchase and would absolutely go that direction again. Despite the early troubles I would also recommend the Fitness Superstore. Plus I actually got a $250 refund for the poor delivery service. Just be sure that a solid technician puts it together. Plus it actually really isn't wizardry, so you could do it yourself. Basically not much comes apart for the transport, but it is super heavy.

Up close with the unique treads of the Woodway. They are clearly worn but that has not hindered me in any way. And this running track feels more like being outside and is very different from any other treadmill I have tried before. It is hard to describe in words and really is something that needs to be personally experienced.

The treadmill is pretty loud, but does not really bother me. And I am not really sure how the noise compares to other treadmills, plus I think that this tall room amplifies the noise. I love the treadmill though and with the help of 2 Honeywell fans the sweating is kept in check.

We are the best option for solving your fitness equipment and healthy living needs. We buy/sell fitness equipment, serving the Carolinas and nationwide! We retail, wholesale, and distribute gym equipment everywhere you stay active!

There have been several investigations examining the reliability and efficacy of flat non-motorized treadmills and their ability to assess power and anaerobic capacity (Highton et al., 2012; Hopker et al., 2009; Hughes et al., 2005; Lakomy, 1987; Lim and Chia, 2007; Ross et al., 2009; Sirotic, et al., 2008; Tong et al., 2001). Previous research has shown high reliability similar to that seen with the WAnT (Lim and Chia, 2007); however the design of many non-motorized treadmills impedes natural running stride dynamics due to the use of bulky harnesses and instrumentation. In addition, some treadmills require subjects to overcome a resistance to start the sprint that demands a different running strategy than seen in a track-based sprint (Ross et al., 2009). Although training on a flat non-motorized treadmill has been shown to enhance power performance and improve sprint time (Ross et al., 2009), these benefits may only be realized during the initial acceleration phase (Hrysomallis et al., 2012). 041b061a72

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